Thursday, 15 July 2010

Summer Special for Dublin Chamber of Commerce Members

In the spirit of the silly season we are delighted to offer all Dublin Chamber members the opportunity to set up their first event on EventElephant for FREE, for events set up by July 31st.

EventElephant is an Online Events Registration system. It’s easy to use. You don’t have to be a techie.

  • Create an event registration website in minutes
  • Promote your events automatically via Facebook
  • Sell you event tickets with online registration
  • Take secure online payments for your event bookings

Don’t forget the deadline of July 31. All you have to do is set your event up before the 31st – the actual date of your event can be any date before or thereafter. Leave a comment here that you're a member and we'll send you the promotion code.

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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

EventElephant Integrates with Facebook

~ EventElephant Creates A Buzz For Event Organisers with its Facebook integration application~

Dublin, London, 13 July, 2010
EventElephant, a leading European online event registration provider, launches its new Facebook integration application. Event organisers can now quickly and easily upload their events to their Facebook pages.
“Word of mouth has always been the most effective and low cost marketing strategy for event organisers”, says Eamon O’Brien, CEO of EventElephant. “Now, “world of mouth” and social networking are great ways of letting lots of people know about your event.”

Whether you are a professional event organiser selling tickets online for your music festival or seminar and conference, a university managing alumni events, a training company marketing your training modules, or a sports organiser planning a sports event or fund raiser “socialising” your events will help you increase your ticket sales. With just one click you can upload and publish your event on Facebook. From there, event planners can invite their friends and spread the word.

Social Networking platforms like Facebook are powerful tools to help event planners promote their events. Facebook is reaching more and more users every day and it’s a great way to spread the excitement about your event and reach your target customers. Fernando T. Martin, Life Festival Director comments, “EventElephant’s new Facebook integration is good news for Life Festival and music festival organisers. Our attendees are aged between 20 and 40. They all use Facebook. They all talk to each other about the gigs through Facebook. This is a great opportunity for us to be able to promote our festival and provide a direct link to sell tickets from Facebook.”

Eamon O’Brien, EventElephant’s CEO explains how technology is both revolutionising and democratising the event industry. “You don’t have to be a techie to take advantage of these tools. EventElephant’s easy to use and affordable online event software means all event planners can have professional looking websites, can invite attendees automatically and sell tickets online. With our Facebook integration event planners can now upgrade their marketing into viral conversations and create an online buzz about their event”.

Start Socialising Your Events Today:

About EventElephant was established in 2008 and is rapidly gaining a reputation as an innovative technology provider in the event management industry. Its event planning technology now underpins events and festivals of all sizes in the UK, Ireland and other countries across the globe. EventElephant won the Best Innovative Start-Up through Digital Enterprise award at the Digital Media Awards 2010. EventElephant has offices in London and Dublin.

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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Tips for Green Event Planning & Marketing

Are you planning your events in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner? Some simple actions can make a difference and win you a green badge of responsibility and another way to help you stand out from your competitors. Being perceived as green can bolster your reputation as an event organiser: indeed, many businesses actively promote their “green” practices to enhance their reputation. Many companies have already learned that an increasing number of consumers are demanding more environmentally responsible products and services: you’ll also find that it encourages good business practices among your employees.

We hear a lot about going green in the event marketing and planning industry. Luckily, the worlds of "cost-effective" and "eco-friendly" are converging - in many cases, going green can actually cut costs and time. Whatever event you are organising, it’s easy to go green. Here are some easy ways that EventElephant can help you to support the green movement from within your organization.

1. Be Creative
Why not get your staff together to brainstorm promotional and marketing techniques that cut down on flyers and printed advertisements. Produce environmentally responsible marketing materials and signage. Use ambient media instead of flyers where you can communicate with just as many people with less cost and waste.

2. Use Paperless Technology
Use new media and electronic technology to cut down your paper use. Create a conference web site; offer online registration and confirmation; and promote your event online using the web and/or email. It’s environmentally friendly, reduces your administration costs and your workload!

3. Use the Internet and Social Media to Promote Your Event
Reduce waste and use our online invitation tool to invite your guests to your events. Send them reminders and deliver their tickets online.
Use Social Media to promote your event. EventElephant’s new Facebook integration allows you to post your event to your Facebook page and inform your “friends” of your next event. Eliminating paper and using e- invitations will save you money on postage and printing cost as well as reducing the environmental impact of your event.

4. Use Transport Services
Can you organise buses and car pooling to your gig? How far is the venue from the airport? Is there a shuttle service? Can attendees share taxis? Having your venue in a rural location can mean an overload of traffic and massive traffic pollution: it is the biggest cause of pollution at festivals. Here’s an example of how Sibin Festival 2010 used its EventElephant festival website to organise transport for the attendees: they could book their tickets online but also buy bus tickets online to get to and from the festival: You can build a customised website in minutes and include detail on a whole range of subjects relevant to your event.

5. Sell Tickets Online

Did you know that you can anticipate an increase of 20% in ticket sales when you sell tickets online? And be environmentally at the same time.

Now spread the word! Ask delegates to evaluate the sustainability aspects of your conference, your music festival or golf tournament for instance. You can post a questionnaire on your EventElephant website and email to attendees to fill out after the event. It’s also a good way to build your relationship with your attendees, for future events. Tell delegates and the media about your sustainable practices. You'll be surprised, green efforts are contagious.

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