Monday, 30 January 2012

How to get attendees to take the front seats at meetings

I recently joined a fab Event Management group on LinkedIn called Event Planning and Event Management. There are loads of really interesting conversations going on which gives a fascinating insight into what everyone is talking about in the Event industry.

Here are some of my favourite responses...

If you've got a buffet, put the food near the front. You'll find that people will want to have the first pick of the food.

Make the front area, the VIP area. People like to be made to feel like they're important.

Put whoopie cushions on the seats at the back.

Turn the seats at the back to face the back wall. In their confusion people would go to the front rather than turn the chair around.

Put a big sign up to say that if you sit in the first several rows you will be given a raffle ticket and put into a draw to win a prize.

Put signs up on the last few rows stating that people should sit there only if they want to be called on during the presentation.

Ask the last 5 rows to stand up and move to the front.

That's just a few of the comments. Why not have a look yourself for some inspiration.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Interesting event articles

I've been trawling through the internet this week getting up to speed on what the latest news in the Events Industry is. Here's a list of my favourite news and gossip:

Ever stopped to think about organising an event during windy conditions? Read this blog to get some tips on how to cope.

Or do you run Exhibitions? Check out this cool app.

Facebook launch the new 'suggested event tool'. It's caused a bit of a stir. Good news for Event Organisers?

Happy Reading