Wednesday, 22 December 2010

EventElephant wishes all its readers a festive Christmas

Wherever you are this Christmas and whether it's snowing or the sun is shining, we'd like to wish you a great Christmas and success with all your events.

If you need any help over the holiday period there'll always be someone on hand to answer your queries.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

EventElephant wins Innovation, Imagination & Excellence Award

EventElephant’s online events planning software received an award at the MBA Association 's first Innovation, Imagination and Excellence in Business Awards on Saturday November 27, 2010 in Belfast's City Hall.

Una Coleman, Head of Marketing EventElephant, accepting the award with Liam Fennelly, President of the MBA Association, and David Quinn, Partner PWC and sponsor of the award.)

“Four exemplary companies and people were honoured for their innovative approach to building their businesses” including EventElephant, according to the MBA Association.
Sir George Quigley, Chairman of Bombardier-Shorts, the Awards sponsors, who celebrated 100 years of innovation in 2009, told the 200 strong business audience that innovation was not solely the responsibility of business and industry but needed to be applied in the political arena too. He called for Government to revisit the idea of a reduced corporation tax rate for Northern Ireland, to encourage investment and enterprise and to rebalance the economy by building the private sector.
Liam Fennelly, President of the MBA Association of Ireland, the representative body for MBAs (Masters in Business Administration) praised the shortlisted companies: “This is a great opportunity to celebrate the excellent track record of innovation within many companies on the island of Ireland, a record which has enabled them to compete with the best in the world and win.”
The Innovation in Service Development Award was taken by EvenElephant, the online event management and booking system that’s been hailed as “the event organizer’s best friend”.

David Quinn, as sponsor of the award in the service category to EventElephant commented: "In a new world where consumers will play an unprecedented role in product and service development, CEOs are looking to their customers, partners and supply-chain for product and process innovation. Innovation, technology and globalisation are the new partners in a race for corporate advantage and all of us are runners in that marathon". "And in a world where close to 90% of CEOs expect the internet, mobile devices and social media to determine future business strategy , service innovation will become the driver of growth in a shrinking world where borders and time are irrelevant."

The inaugural MBA Association Innovation, Imagination and Excellence in Business Awards were supported by Bombardier Aerospace, HSBC and Queen’s University School of Management.
It was another great outing for EventElephant.

Monday, 13 December 2010

Social Networking is changing the way concert promoters & clubs run their gigs.

We ran a survey back in the beginning of the Autumn to understand how Social Networking is influencing the choices people make about attending music events. The results say it all. Facebook matters!

Here are the results of our survey.

What is your preferred platform(s) to find out about upcoming music events?

How many Facebook music event invites do you receive each week?

Use EventElephant’s Facebook Integration Application to promote your club nights.

If it was cheaper to buy a ticket to a gig, concert, festival, event online - would you prefer to book online?

Sell more tickets online and take secure online payment with EventElephant’s set-up to sign-up music ticketing platform.

How much do you spend on music tickets in a year?

Music remains a key entertainment spend even in recessionary times.
With EventElephant’s marketing tools you can be a LOUDER VOICE for your club nights.

What’s your preferred method of receiving your tickets?

The overwhelming number of respondents are happy to receive their tickets via email. This is cost effective for music and venue promoters and don’t forget your can manage attendee entrance at your events with our EntryElephant barcode and scanning verification
Note, some respondents selected more than one option.

Do you check Promoters Facebook pages for information?

Promoters, there’s alot more you can do to engage with your prospective attendees. Add your events to your Facebook page with EventElephant’s Facebook integration application. Offer promotional discounts on your Facebook page: get your attendees to like your page and keep you in front of mind. We’ll add your details to our EventElephant Faceboook MusicandEntertainment page.

Age categories:

38% of our respondents were female, 62% male.

What's influencing your choices of music gigs you attend?
What will your annual spend be on music events in 2011?
Leave your comments below.

If you’re a music promoter and you want to learn more get in touch with our music man,