Monday, 13 December 2010

Social Networking is changing the way concert promoters & clubs run their gigs.

We ran a survey back in the beginning of the Autumn to understand how Social Networking is influencing the choices people make about attending music events. The results say it all. Facebook matters!

Here are the results of our survey.

What is your preferred platform(s) to find out about upcoming music events?

How many Facebook music event invites do you receive each week?

Use EventElephant’s Facebook Integration Application to promote your club nights.

If it was cheaper to buy a ticket to a gig, concert, festival, event online - would you prefer to book online?

Sell more tickets online and take secure online payment with EventElephant’s set-up to sign-up music ticketing platform.

How much do you spend on music tickets in a year?

Music remains a key entertainment spend even in recessionary times.
With EventElephant’s marketing tools you can be a LOUDER VOICE for your club nights.

What’s your preferred method of receiving your tickets?

The overwhelming number of respondents are happy to receive their tickets via email. This is cost effective for music and venue promoters and don’t forget your can manage attendee entrance at your events with our EntryElephant barcode and scanning verification
Note, some respondents selected more than one option.

Do you check Promoters Facebook pages for information?

Promoters, there’s alot more you can do to engage with your prospective attendees. Add your events to your Facebook page with EventElephant’s Facebook integration application. Offer promotional discounts on your Facebook page: get your attendees to like your page and keep you in front of mind. We’ll add your details to our EventElephant Faceboook MusicandEntertainment page.

Age categories:

38% of our respondents were female, 62% male.

What's influencing your choices of music gigs you attend?
What will your annual spend be on music events in 2011?
Leave your comments below.

If you’re a music promoter and you want to learn more get in touch with our music man,


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  2. Really social networking is going to change the way of promotion of the music.. now music promoters are working for analyzing the market to prompt the songs.

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