Friday, 21 August 2009

Summer release – lots of new tools, lots of new upgrades

This week saw the launch of a new bunch of updates to the EventElephant system.

At EventElephant we’re committed to making the event organiser’s life as hassle-free as possible. That’s why we’re continually updating EventElephant. We release literally dozens of functionality enhancements every month. A nip here. A tuck there. If it makes EventElephant faster, easier, or more enjoyable to use, we’ll do it. Many of the updates we release are based on the feedback we receive from organisers themselves.

The great new functionality and tools are available for you to use immediately and will make creating your registration pages and managing your event even easier! For a full list of the updates click here. Here are some of the highlights;

Copy you existing events
When you are creating a new event registration page you will have the opportunity to copy most of the details from an existing or previous event. This will save you precious time when trying to duplicate an event.

Preview your event as you go along
As you are creating your event in the ‘create an event’ wizard you will now be able to view what you are creating as you create it. When you click the ‘Preview’ button a new window will open allowing you to visualise how your event registration page looks each time that you add text, a banner/logo or an image.

Waiting lists for sold out events
When tickets have been sold out for your event the system will automatically start to compile a waiting list of potential attendees.

Attendees who try to book tickets only to find them sold out will be asked if they want to join the waiting list for when more tickets are released by the organiser.

New RSVP functionality for organisers
Organisers will be able to give attendees the option of responding to an invite to attend their event with a Yes/No or a Maybe. If you have chosen to use the RSVP functionality then a new RSVP report will be available for your event in the Event Control Area. The report will present a list of potential attendees who have declined your invitation or who are as yet unsure about attending.

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