Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Make Money with the EventElephant Partner Network

EventElephant are delighted to announce the launch of the EventElephant Partner Portal. Now not only can you SAVE money by organising and promoting your events through EventElephant, but you can also MAKE money!

You can use EventElephant to Make Money in the form of commission. When you apply to become a partner you will receive your unique Partner ID. For any event that carries your partner ID code you will receive a pre-agreed percentage of the fees that EventElephant receive.

That means for every event organiser that sets up an event using your code, you will receive a percentage of any money taken through ticket sales, simple!

EventElephant is the perfect referral product. It clearly transforms online registration and payment for event organisers. They use it to increase their event attendances, reduce their administrative costs and improve the attendee experience. It’s easy to use and entirely self service.

There are many tools within the Partner Portal that will help you to attract partners and promote EventElephant’s benefits and features. They include email templates, videos, HTML banners for your website, buttons for your blogs and a choice of sales collateral PDF’s.

As soon as one of your organisers creates an event using your Partner ID, a member of the EventElephant team will contact you to arrange payment of your commission.

To get started click here and sign up to become an EventElephant Partner today!


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