Thursday, 19 November 2009

Winter Release- Lots of New Tools, Lots of Upgrades

Once again next week sees the launch of a new bunch of updates to the EventElephant system.

At EventElephant we’re committed to making the event organiser’s life as hassle-free as possible. That’s why we’re continually updating EventElephant. We release literally dozens of functionality enhancements every month. A nip here. A tuck there. If it makes EventElephant faster, easier, or more enjoyable to use, we’ll do it. Many of the updates we release are based on the feedback we receive from organisers themselves.

The great new functionality and tools are available for you to use from Monday 23rd November, and will make creating your registration pages and managing your event even easier! For a full list of the updates click here. Here are some of the highlights;

Email and Contact Functionality Upgrade

We now have new functionality for you to see the complete history log of all the emails you have sent to your attendees, all organised by date and time. Whether these are invitations, reminders, thank you emails or custom emails that you have built yourself.

Contact Management Feature Updates

As you know your attendees can enter their personal information when they register. If you need to edit this data, you can now do it at anytime in the ‘My Contacts’ tab. This means there will be no more duplicated contacts within your database, and you can instantly see a list of events that the contact registered for and which contact groups they belong to.

Change the Order of Your Speakers and Sessions

It is now possible to customise your ‘Speakers’ page even more with the ability to reorder the speakers. You can now place the speakers in the order that you wish them to be with great ease. On top of this you can now re-order your sessions. This is very handy if any of your session times change or are cancelled, as you no longer have to start your session programme from scratch.

Customisable Themes Now Even Easier To Use

If none of the ready made themes take your fancy for your event, you can always turn to the customisable theme where you can add your own colours and layouts. We have taken great steps to make this functionality now even easier to use. As well as the preview button we have also added in a template to show you which colour correspond to each area on your event website.

Customise Your Registration Page

If the registration page for your event website wasn’t customisable enough, we have now added extra functionality for you to re-order the customisable questions that appear on the page. This means that to send one of your customisable questions to the top of the page, it can be done with one click.

Refunds and Cancelations Upgrade

One of the most useful features within the system upgrade is that you now have the ability to not only cancel bookings, but also refund any of your attendees directly from the EventElephant system. This makes it a lot easier for you to manage all of your bookings and payments. The new bookings refund option can be found in the Bookings Management tab.

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  1. Guys, I must say the new layout looks really, really good! EventElephant now looks lighter, fresher, and eye-catching.

    All the best!