Thursday, 21 January 2010

Hats on for Haiti Day

The disaster in Haiti is almost beyond our comprehension, with official estimates now putting the death toll at up to 200,000 people. For those who are left behind, there are acute shortages of shelter, food and water, as well as the real danger of widespread disease to contend with. International aid agencies and governments are doing their best to help, but many are already branding the Haiti earthquake as the worst disaster they have ever encountered. They desperately need funds to try to alleviate the cataclysmic suffering being endured by the millions of people in the quake zone.

But EventElephant, along with the support of the Irish Red Cross have found a way for you to use your head to help Haiti - wear a hat to show your support!

Hats on for Haiti Day is supporting the International Red Cross Charities, and all donations collected by the Irish Red Cross will go directly to the International Red Cross' relief work in Haiti.

So what is Hats on for Haiti Day? It's very simple. In order to raise desperately needed funds for the human disaster in Haiti and to show your support for the efforts being made to alleviate the suffering, we are organising a Hats on for Haiti Day on Friday February 5th. To participate, simply click here to register and make your donation, and then wear a hat of your choice for the day (with the agreement of your boss, teacher, responsible adult, irresponsible adult...).

You can have a hat day at school or at work, or organise a hat party with some friends. If you wear a hat for work, perhaps you could customise it for the day to show your support for the Hats on for Haiti day. The only limit to what you can do is your head!

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