Friday, 5 March 2010

EventElephant Now Offer Instant Payments For Organisers Through PayPal

Here at EventElephant we understand that sometimes it’s necessary for our event organisers to receive payment for their ticket sales in real time to relieve some of the economic pressures of event organisation. Well, we have put our thinking caps on and are happy to announce that EventElephant can now offer real time payments to PayPal accounts, meaning you do not have to wait until your event has ended to receive your funds!

This new functionality from EventElephant means that as soon as an attendee makes a booking using a credit/ debit card, the funds will be transferred to your PayPal account, ready for you to withdraw.

To take advantage of this new feature from EventElephant, all we ask is that you have a PayPal merchant account. If you would like more information on how to set up a PayPal merchant account you can find more information on their website here. PayPal is as fast, safe and secure as using EventElephant, and is the easiest way for you to receive the funds for all of your events.

We keep our ear to the ground and listen to our organisers needs at all times, and this is a new step in making your life easier, after all EventElephant are an event organiser’s best friend!


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