Thursday, 6 January 2011

New To Planning A Club Night?

Here are a few tips and suggestions to help you to achieve the perfect night out:

Create hype!
If people aren’t excited about your club night, then they won’t go. With so many options for clubbers these days, you need to catch their attention. Every break through event needs a USP so be creative and create something that sets your night apart. Like a secret location, special guests or a completely unique experience. Take your event online to keep people informed about what’s happening and what to expect. Social networking sites are the perfect platform to do this. We ran a survey recently: 52% of our survey respondents said they receive between 1 and 5 Facebook music event invites per week. Make sure you get listed on your potential clubbers Facebook pages. with EventElephant's Facebook Integration Application you can upload your event to your Facebook page with just one click
Build up excitement about your big launch and keep awareness alive and growing by dangling the carrot of an amazing clubbing experience to all potential attendees.

Keep It Professional!
No one wants to attend a club night that looks like it was organised by a toddler. Make sure your marketing materials and website represent the night you are offering and are slick and professional. This is the first impression you’re potential customers will get of your event and can be make or break. Ensure all graphics and design are properly executed and present an image you would be proud to promote. Remember, you only get once chance to make a good first impression. With EventElephant's ticketing software you can set-up your uniquely branded website easily: here's a great example of the WrightVenue:

Cater To Your Clientele
Don’t charge students prices they cannot afford, or expect professionals to party in a dive club. Know who you’re customers are and their expectations. Especially today, pricing is crucial and can determine the type of clubber you will attract. You can’t cater to everyone’s taste: understand who you want to attract and customise the music and venue to keep them coming back.

Planning Is Key!
Don’t let it all get on top of you, you can’t do everything on your own. Make sure all aspects of your club nights are organised and planned in advance. You never know when disaster may strike. EventElephant can help you with the headache of ticket sales. Don’t worry about taking payments, setting up a website or distributing tickets, we’ll do it all. With EventElephant’s set-up to sign up online registration system, you can sell tickets online, take secure online payments and manage EVERYTHING from the one place. We’ll leave you to worry about making sure your event, staff, DJs and entertainment all run smoothly and we don’t envy you that task.
So let us help you take the hassle out of planning your club night, click HERE.

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