Thursday, 25 August 2011

Start planning your winter events early and beat the rush

This is a busy time of year for events. That’s why we thought we’d give you a little nudge to remind you what’s coming up...
  • Halloween - 10 weeks away
  • Guy Fawkes Night - 11 weeks away
  • Christmas - 17 weeks away
  • New Years Eve - 18 weeks away
If you're planning a themed party, an office do, club night or an event on any of these holidays, we recommend you get started soon. Here are a few reasons why...
  • You should give yourself at least 8 weeks to promote your event
  • Attendees get booked up early this time of year – make sure you start promoting your event before everyone else
  • Give yourself loads of time to prepare all the other elements of your event
Good Luck with your next event.


  1. This is the time in the year, where an Event Management Company can make the bank balance go really high. Plan, promote and execute. I believe 8 weeks promotion is a good time to create massive word of mouth and publicity for the event

  2. It's definitely takes commitment and hard work to pull something like this off.