Monday, 22 April 2013

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day! We should all be doing our bit for the environment and Earth Day is a great way to remind us of this. If you are an Event Organiser there are many ways that you can make your event a sustainable one. Firstly though you must;

  1. Research: By doing the research on your type of event and the affects it will have on the environment, it makes it much easier to find ways of making your event green.
  2. Set Green Goals: Following your research it is important to set goals so that you stay on track when planning your event.
  3.  Make a Plan: Make sure to put a plan in place so that each of your goals can be achieved. By having a green plan in place, you will have a continual reminder of your green goals.

Tips for making your event a green one

Picking your venue:
When possible host your event outdoors during the day or in a place with plenty of windows. This will allow for savings on energy costs and global warming pollution. If you’ve selected a natural environment like a park, you’ll be supporting the local community and can create a natural source of entertainment for your guests.

Lighting – Use LED lighting for displays, billboards and banners. If you’re hosting a larger event, using LED will really mean huge savings as they use a fraction of the energy.

Select a catering company who have local, organic options and who use reusable or compostable packaging and silverware. Make arrangements with a local food collector to pick up any leftovers at the end of the day.

Rather than having huge amounts of bottled water use pitchers of water that can be refilled throughout the day and compostable glasses.

Choose decorations and display materials that can be reused or recycled. Try using  natural d├ęcor such as moss, stones and succulent plants, or organic flowers and send your decorations home with your guests at the end of the night, or reuse them for another event.

Make it easy for your guests to recycle:
Have separate bins which are clearly labelled so all items which can be recycled are put in the correct bin.

When possible, encourage the use of public transport by selecting a venue which is easily accessible by a number of means of public transport.

How EventElephant can help you make your event green

We’re Paperless
Here at Elephant there is no need for anything to be printed unless you want. Everything from invitations to invoices are all sent through email.

Create your online event page and email your invitations, reminder or any other email  to your database directly from the system. Eliminating paper and using e- invitations will save you money on postage and printing cost as well as reducing the environmental impact of your event. Selling your tickets online and your attendees receiving their tickets by email reduces paper waste event further.

Market your event online
Rather than printing up leaflets and posters, promote your event via social media, blogs and email. We are always happy to help promote your event on out social media pages as well.

Using EventElephant is environmentally friendly and reduces your administration costs and your workload.

Set up your event today with EventElephant

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