Tuesday, 25 June 2013


Do you run events? Whether they are large or small or even just a once off event, look no further than EventElephant. Increase your attendee numbers by around 20% with secure online payments. EventElephant is an online registration system for Event Organisers. Our software allows you to create a customised, professional event website, market your event, take secure payments online & use the reporting tools to manage the event registrations. Its event planning made easy.

It is free to create your account with EventElephant. There are no upfront costs and no contracts. Our fee only kicks in when you start selling tickets and you can do it all free of charge if you wish – pass on our small fee and the payment charge (or just one of them) as part of the ticket price.

Example of Event Page
Example of a a customised event page with multiple ticket types. 

You can have a single or multi-page event. Take a look here at some examples of both types of event pages.

No matter what type of event you are running, EventElephant can help.

Looking to collect your funds in real-time? Get the ticket funds as and when the bookings are made by linking your PayPal or merchant bank account to your event. Just speak with our Finance team about getting it set up finance@eventelephant.com.

See what some of our Event Organisers have to say about using their own merchant account to collect their funds.

Want to see more? Take the Tour here 

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