Friday, 4 June 2010

“Event technology is in vogue"

The June edition of Stand Out magazine (see page 39) looks at the impact of technology on event organisers and planners. As a leading provider of online event registration technology, Stand Out sought the views of EventElephant.

“At some point every event organiser will have no choice but to join the online revolution. Not doing so is increasing the risk of becoming uncompetitive, of creating attendee dissatisfaction and of rapidly eroding event margins.”
With online payment technology an event planner can boost revenue. EventElephant research suggests on average event organisers report a 20 per cent increase in attendee numbers when they offer an online registration and payment facility. Attendees are much more likely to take action and to register and pay straight away if they are presented with just an online option. They are more likely to postpone their decision to sign up if they have to confirm and pay by phone or post.
We recently helped the organisers of Sunset Festival 2010. Andy Carr, director of the Sunset Music Group, explains: “We were searching around for a system that could handle the complexities of festival ticket registrations. We needed a system that could monitor and track daily tickets sales and at the same time receive regular income direct into our bank account so we could keep control over the event finances. We are now seeing record ticket sales.” The reality for event organisers is that fully embracing web technology is no longer an option – it is an urgent requirement. Sell your tickets online now. Read the rest of Stand Out’s article here: (see page 39)

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