Friday, 25 June 2010

Balancing a laid back atmosphere while delivering a well run music festival

Life Festival now has it all: an efficiently managed, fun festival, trouble free for both organisers and attendees, providing a personable experience to free spirited aficionados who attended from all around the world for a weekend of music, arts, dance, and culture in Belvedere House Park, Westmeath, Ireland during the June bank holiday weekend 2010.

Smaller than Electric Picnic and Oxegen with a maximum capacity of 5,000, Life Festival is famed for its laid back, relaxed atmosphere and good time crowd. It’s chilled out character and alternative music is what sets it apart for the attendees. Behind the scenes, EventElephant delivers an online event registration system and tools that guarantee success for the event organisers and ensures the festival goers enjoy the music.

This year there were many firsts for EventElephant and Life. It was our first collaboration. Previously, Life Festival used TicketMaster as its booking engine. With EventElephant, Life Festival retains control of the database. This is a great advantage for festival and event organisers. They retain control and have a contact list to market and promote their events in future years.

As well as providing EventElephant’s usual service of tracking sales, creating reports & managing bookings from the one place we introduced our new barcode scanning and verification application which allows the organisers to scan each printed ticket on entry using a barcode scanner.

We sent our “Festivals” man Andy Noonan along to oversee its introduction.
“With a venue like this it is important to control the attendees entering and the ones who shouldn’t be. Entry at the gate was efficient and quick. We caught the few trying to pass off duplicate tickets. Our new system worked without a glitch, ” said Andy.

And, it was good for the attendees too. We talked to Lifer, Eimear Staunton and an event organiser herself, now at her fourth Life Festival. She reckoned this year was her best Life experience yet.
“I loved the venue this year. Good vibes, great music and cool people. The scanner is a great idea, lots of people do use fake tickets and if it helps Life to come back bigger and better next year then that’s even better”

It’s hard to keep track of a large crowd, but with EventElephant’s new barcode scanning and verification application it’s simple.

How It Works
As well as providing EventElephant’s usual service of online ticket registration and payment, distribution and promotion, our new application allows the organisers to scan each printed ticket on entry using a barcode scanner.

To get started you need to:
1. Download the Scanning Application.
2. Purchase a 2D Barcode Scanner.
3. Download the Attendee List and upload it to the Scanning Application.

The organisers upload their attendee list into the barcode scanner and EventElephant emails a pdf ticket to the customer containing the bar code which they can print and bring to the event. Each ticket includes a unique barcode which identifies the ticket. When the ticket is presented for admittance to the festival or show, the barcode is scanned to check validity and a match to the customer database. After the event, the event organiser can upload the attendee numbers and details back into the system for next year’s promotional activities, for instance. It’s that simple!
The Benefits
  • Prevents ticket forgery
  • Keeps a record of attendees
  • Makes the work of the box office simpler
  • Easier to manage large numbers
  • Record of who has attended and who has not
  • Reduced costs through not having to print and post tickets

And the outcome? Easy event planning! Check it out here.

Event Elephant is delighted to be involved with "Europe’s best underground electronic festival" in its fifth and greatest year to date.

" We are glad we used Eventelephant as our management and ticketing system for Life Festival 2010. Having an EventElephant representative on site helped the festival to go smoothly. The Barcode scanning system worked perfectly making the entry to the event really quick for punters and easy for the box-office staff." Fernando T. Martin, Life Festival Director.

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