Monday, 9 July 2012

Want your event to go Viral? You need a creative approach

Here are 6 quick steps to create a viral buzz around your event:

Target your event at an active on-line community 
Get in touch with an online community that can help in supporting your event. Involve them in the creation process of the event. The event will succeed online, because it was started online.

Have high quality speakers at your event
When it comes to the speaker at your event, get the really big names. The people who attend, present or participate will determine the learning and networking opportunity

Make the content available and shareable
Emphasise the quality of your content and make it readily available to everyone.

Have a wow factor. The concept needs to be uniquely innovative
To achieve virality you need to be innovative. You need to get to know all of the new concepts out there and keep on top if these. Do not go with what has already been done before.

Co-create the event marketing
Cocreation will ensure commitment. Getting others involved through social media can be very powerful and will spread word of the event much quicker and even further.

Use social media offline
To encourage offline-online interaction you will need to invest heavily on technology.Learn more about NFC and RFID and the capabilities to stream offline interaction on-line.

We'd love to help you create a buzz around your event. Drop us an email and book yourself a consultation with our Event Management expert. 

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