Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Planning Your Event

Planning an event can be a stressful task, you have to take into consideration so many different points from coming up with a catchy name to assessing the risk value of your venue, here are a few tips to help you through.

Know your audience

The most important thing to note when promoting your event is your target  audience, once you have established the demographics of your audience you will know how to market to them, what mediums to use (specific radio stations/newspapers aimed at different demographics), what type of language to use etc.

Crowd Management

When there are crowds no matter how big or small there can be problems, you should have a clear floorplan displayed around the event to assist people, if it’s a seated event consider a table plan. We offer our customers scanners to easily manage crowds entering events, this will let you know how many people have come in the doors & eliminate counterfeit tickets. https://www.eventelephant.com/keyfeatures

Crowd management doesn’t necessarily have to be about ushering herds of people, if you are speaking at a seminar you don’t want your first few rows of chairs to be empty, here are a few tips to get your audience to sit up the front.

Risk Assessment

This is vital for any event. Be sure you know the capacity of your venue, you don’t want your night being shut down because of overcrowding. Again, know your audience, if you have large groups of teenagers you may need to hire extra security. 


A good talking point to get your audience interacting. Also a great way to have people continue to talk about your event after it has finished. Here is a link to some fun event themes http://www.amerevents.com/themes.htm


Everyone wants to sell a huge amount of tickets but be realistic about your expected attendance, if you have a venue with a 10,000 capacity & you only sell 5,000 tickets it will affect the atmosphere of your event. People love the feeling of a more ‘intimate’ event so don’t be afraid to book something with a smaller capacity. 

If you are hosting an event with EventElephant you can avail of our marketing service, our marketing expert will assess your event page & give you personalised tips & advice on how best to get the word out. Check out our website to see how easily you can set up your own event page & sell tickets online. www.eventelephant.com 

Krissie @ EventElephant 


  1. Hi, you have mentioned few important tips for managing events like hiring extra security if too many teenagers attend, but i have one question, we have to pre book our venue before we start selling our tickets and if we end up selling fewer tickets, how would it effect if we change the venue.

  2. Hi BE Sydney, the thing you have to remember when changing details after the event promotion has begun is to keep things as easy as possible for the attendees. If you have pre-booked a venue but undersold tickets then you would be right to change venue as it would greatly affect the atmosphere of the event. Keep in mind that people have to travel to your venue so keeping it as close the the original venue would be important. Also the more notice you can give attendees the better, make sure all attendees are aware of the venue change & to make it even easier for them again you could have a link to maps & public transport routes to the new venue.

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