Monday, 8 October 2012

Campaigns to catch attention

Everyone wants to be seen to be thinking outside the box, this is a term that has long since joined a list of clichéd expressions used to show creativity in marketing campaigns or events but what does it mean? The real focus should be less on wacky new ideas & more on having a lasting impression on your audience.

These days we can do more & more with design incorporating video mapping & large scale projections to create a 4D campaign.

To celebrate 10 years in digital and architectural mapping, Ralph Lauren created a giant projection to work across the flagship London & New York store fronts in 2010. Witnesses were treated to spectacular effects with 50ft models, racing horses and the like and even scented mist to complete the experience.

When Nokia launched their Lumia 800 phone towards the end of 2011 they decided to put on a show to remember. Electro music had just burst its seams & crossed over into the chart world & our radios with the explosion of Canadian DJ Deadmau5, Nokia jumped on the opportunity to incorporate him into their campaign ensuring they had a hold on a younger audience which had been previously lost to Apple.
The producer & DJ performed in front of London's iconic Millbank Tower to a backdrop of 4D visuals stretching the full length of the 120m-tall building

Most recently, Big Screen Media has created a flexible modular digital display walls using the latest LED technology where moving images can be built into various shapes & sizes.

Tony Gibbs Business Development Manager Commented

“This is like a dream come true for me I started my career in the late 80s manufacturing  modular pole and panel systems, then moved on to large format  print, custom build and show organising and I was always looking into new ways of creating high impact visual graphic displays.”

Whether it's 2D, 3D or 4D, design hold a huge importance in creating memorable events. To see how you can customise the design of your event page you can check out our additional services & contact our design team to make your page really stand out or even just to make it identically match the branding of your own website/social media pages.

Krissie @ EventElephant 

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