Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Pinterest For Event Organisers

Pinterest has many features that make it a perfect for event organisers. It's interactive, fun, and very user-friendly and most of all it is visual, which is so important these days especially for event planning.

So how can you use Pinterest to your advantage as an event organiser?

1.       Pinterest is great for giving you ideas for your next event. Use it for brainstorming at the very beginning.  A great way for getting event ideas via Pinterest, other than just browsing what is already up there, is crowdsourcing.  Put out calls for ideas and ask for people to pin photos of their ideas with comments to your boards.
2.       If you have speakers at your event, you can create a Speakers board and pin images with articles or posts from your speakers about what they’ll be talking about at your event.
3.       It gives event attendees and speakers another way to network. Create community boards which will allow the attendees or speakers to develop the content for you (Pinterest allows you to specify whether you want others to be able to contribute or not). This is also a great way of building your community.
4.       You can share or summarise content from your events. Invite attendees to pin photos that convey their event highlights. Encourage all participants to post images from the event and provide feedback.
The Pinterest mobile app allows you to pin photos from your mobile device. Invite attendees to contribute to a collaborator board and you have an instant, crowd-sourced photo album of the event. You can even turn it into a contest and give prizes to the most repinned photos.
5.       Post photos with links to articles or blog entries to reinforce key learning points from your event.
6.       Tweet and post your pins to Facebook. Pinterest makes this simple with the “post” and “tweet” options next to your photo. This is a great way to reach followers, friends and others in the events industry.
7.       Create a resume board which will work as a virtual portfolio with photos and videos of your events. This will be good for your business and will also be helpful for potential attendees to see what they’ll get out of attending your event.
8.       Use your Pinterest account to drive traffic to your website. When you add your own photos add a link back to your own website or blog. Take advantage of the opportunity to drive your Pinterest traffic back to your page.  

Pinterest is different from other social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ in that Pinterest is not a real-time platform. Pins can continue to generate traffic for weeks after they’ve been posted. Pinterest is also not as conversational as the other social media accounts. Having said that, using Pinterest for your events still has co potential. You just need to do it the right way.

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